Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simplicity: Design and Life

I know exactly what time today that I'm going to get pissed off. It's pathetic really. First, I've had a fairly decent day. I finished 2 designs for different projects. One was for Brother Down:

Brother Down always jokes that if one of them gets too drunk and falls off the stage then everyone should yell, "Brother Down!" The other logo they use is a chalk outline of a body, like a crime scene, so that's where the caution tape fits in. The caution tape also supplies the color scheme. Black and yellow, it's high contrast, simple and effective. It will also translate easily to a t-shirt. They manufacturer will only need to print one color, yellow, on to a black shirt, and will also save money with only one color ink in it can be printed in one pass and you won't have to worry about any alignment issues.

I was asked to make the chalk outline logo out of caution tape also, for the back of the shirt:

Here is a big difference. Even with only two colors, it's messy, cluttered, and it's difficult to even distinguish what the image is supposed to be. The logo may not be clear, but message couldn't be any clearer: Keep it simple stupid. It's the only way to go.

I also finished a logo for Slacker Ambition:

The same principles apply to this logo. Slacker Ambition's music is eclectic, at least as eclectic as a mix tape, if not more so. Since Slacker Ambition doesn't play live often a logo of a recording is effective in a second context as well. Also, since Slacker Ambition is usually not quite as aggressive as Brother Down so a nice shade of blue is more appropriate than Brother Down's grab your attention yellow on black. Once again, simple is in.

Well, that was the good part, back to the bad. I've been trying to follow James Altucher's advice on how to deal with crappy people. The first rule is to cut out the crap, quite literally, by disassociating yourself from the crappy people. Once more simplicity is the answer. Make your life simpler by eliminating the drama. The only problem is this is damn near impossible to do. Why? Because they're everywhere.

Dumb, fake, vain, shallow, insipid, hateful, and manipulative people, the world is full of them. I've lowered my standards about as far as I care to, and yet somehow, I'm still usually disappointed. I'm tempted to think that it's just me: that I expect to much or that I'm being irrational. But I have to ask myself, why shouldn't I expect people to be honest, genuine, and caring? I'm not asking anyone to be a saint, (God knows I'm not.) and I don't expect everyone to start telling me their darkest secrets. I just want people to be themselves. If they don't want someone to know something they don't have to lie. Just don't talk about it. Care enough about other people to not hurt them by lying and being manipulative. If this makes me irrational then I don't want to be rational.
"The rational man adapts himself to the world. The irrational man tries to adapt the world to suit himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the irrational man."
-George Bernard Shaw
I don't agree with much of what Shaw wrote, but I agree with him pretty closely here.

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