Monday, March 12, 2012

No Better Way to Say It

I spent a good part of last week making a video for Slacker Ambition. Here is the result:

Sketchboo Pro is working really well for me. That is how I made the drawings. I imported the drawings into Anime Studio to do the animation. It's a pretty simple program and works fairly well. Or at least I'm satisfied enough with the results.

I also uploaded some older Slacker Ambition songs to Band Camp. You can download the songs for free. The downloads are all "name your price". I think of it not so much as a price as more of a donation, and yes, donations are always welcome. Of course it isn't really about the money. I'm trying to follow my own personal philosophy to always be producing, but it's not easy being a broke artist.

And of course, all of the songs were released on a non-commercial creative commons attribution license so feel free to share them and where you found them.

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